But don’t think I’m some violent and crazy youngster that just wants to go out smashing police departments and bombing army recruiting centers. I believe in freedom and security, for everyone. I believe in protecting the workers and the businessman alike; the most fundamental religious person to the atheist. I believe that it is a duty to a society and a right to every person, citizen or not, to be provided the best healthcare that is feasible. The best education that we can afford. And yet, retain a minimalist government, but a strong court to protect everyone under an extended bill of rights.

It is my strong belief that in addition to our current bill of rights we need to embrace FDR’s “second bill of rights”: the right to adequate healthcare and the opportunity to exceptional health, the right to a good education, the right to every family a good home, a useful and remunerative job, the right to earn enough to provide adequate food and clothing and recreation, the right for farmers to earn a decent living, the right to protection from economic fears, and finally, the right for every businessman to trade in a fair and free market. As FDR said, all of this spells security. But it also spelled socialism. He gave the speech in 1944 during World War Two and died shortly afterwards, and thus the second bill of rights was dropped. A real shame.

Now, you may be wondering. How am I an anarchist? Well, I don’t believe government is an eternal entity, government will always be a temporary solution to a permanent issue. People are greedy, violent, and really can’t be trusted. So a man stands in the corner, ready to hit anyone who seems to misbehave. This man really enjoys doing so, even hitting people who haven’t done anything wrong to anyone. Sure, the man’s initial purpose was good. But the man doesn’t like to just stay in that corner. He thinks it’s necessary to put microphones and cameras all around. Because, it’s for the common good right? He asks for more and more money to operate, and threatens to stop protecting you if you don’t comply. I hope someone who is reading this can see where I’m going. Government can never be a permanent solution because it gets too big. It’s a monster that just keeps growing. I’m fine with taxes, but taxes need to go towards what they’re being collected for. This is simple stuff.

What I’m angry about, is that the only way for society to end a social contract with the government is by using violence or force. This is what the government likes however, because we all know that the government would rather shoot a crowd and have it all be over with, than to come to a consensus or compromise. They’d prefer us grabbing AK-47s and shooting at cops, since it’ll be the pawns that die anyway, no big deal to them. Oh, and this them. The plutocracy that owns our nation. You think you really own that backyard of yours? Well, do you have a mortgage? You’re all slaves.

I want to have the right to stand up to my government and say, “I’m out.” I want the right to be able to live on my own! But our society doesn’t offer it. Sure, this is a drastic measure to take. But it needs to be an option. I want the right to overthrow the government with the stroke of a pen! I want the right to be secure in my own home and to know that this home is mine and that no man can take it from me. I want security. That’s all I ask for. That’s what the world needs today.

And that concludes my first blog. It ended up being a rant. Oh well. If you read my blog you’re going to have to get used to it.

Thanks for reading, Tony